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Hello guys! long time no see…

This week, I want to share my case study for project 2, which I had worked on for the last two weeks. Moreover, This is a group project for the UX/UI immersive course at Misk Academy. It was a long two weeks but we did it at the end….

The client

Noon’s website was our major brand, and from this, we created our website Amwaj.

I will tell you briefly about Noon brand and some of their services, which they provide. Noon is a local Saudi brand, and many users were not familiar with Noon in the beginning. However, their brand started to expand among a variety of people.

Regarding their shipping policy:

User research

We want to understand our users deeply, so we asked the main research and interview questions:

Survey questions

Our interview and survey goal was:

We wanted to understand their frustration about some websites, their best shopping experience, and some features that attract them to visit the website. We interviewed acceptable numbers of participants.

Users statements
Survey outcomes

Survey insights :

Business analysis

To create a good website, we need to understand our competitors. We created C&C analysis, SWOT, positioning marketing, leaf diagram, and heuristic evaluation.

C&C analysis:

C&C analysis

Key insights of C&C:

Asos was our main competition and we want to reach their features level and added more features to create our website.

On the other hand, savvi website was a great example of having chart board , and well organized products.

In compare with the other websites, Savvi was the best in providing a well design app, and providing an organized products in the website, which facilitated the user experience from reviewed the product to the end of purchase journey. Also, Savvi website provided clear content, good customer service support, and well organized products.

For the other websites, they need to label ,organize products according to their categories, and avoid stuffed the home page with irrelevant categories of products. Also, they need to focus on providing high quality photos, and put the ads in a separate category.

SWOT Analysis:


Positioning Marketing:

Key insights Postioning Marketing :

Websites that their content, products, and design are organized and include present time features of technology are more likely their users are satisfied about the purchase experience. This allows the user to have a pleasant shopping journey and might visits to purchase again, which means a loyal customers in the future.

Leaf Digram:

Key insights leaf digram:

Rating: This feature will make the user trust of the product and see other customers opinion and rate product.

Customer Support: This feature allow the user to receive faster service.

Reverse image search : This feature allow the user to search for product they need by image when they forget the name of the product.

Chat board: This feature will allow the user to chat live if they having a question or problem.

Heuristic Evaluation :

Key insights for Heuristic evaluation:

The gap our website fills:


Affinity Map

Affinity Map

-Affinity map insights:

Our persona:

Kayla our persona

When we collected information about our persona, we noticed some pain points that she had. we tried to identify her strengths and weak to provide a better solution. So, we came up with these pain points about Kayla.

After we knew her pain points, we ensured to add and created features on our website Amwaj to attract our persona.

Features we added on our website Amwaj:

Problem statement

noon customers in Saudi Arabia have the problem that they feel lost while searching for their beach products using noon website. Our solution should aim to provide a more organized and interesting way to allow our users an easy way to find their products.

website concept:

Tired of seeing unorganized beach products on websites! It frustrated you right! Other websites upset you and Amwaj’s website please We will ensure your purchasing journey is nothing like you had before.

Key features of Amwaj website:


user flow

User flow

site Map

Site Map

Sketching :


low- fidelity wireframes

High fidelity wireframes

Amwaj sign up screen

The user can sign up or sign in with google account or email.

Sign up/sign in screen

Amwaj website home page screen

The user can view the website categories easily and view the special offer for the first order

Amwaj home sceen

Amwaj products screen

From here, the user can explore beach products on the Amwaj website.

Proudects screen

Amwaj shipping screen

After the user selects the product, from the product page a shipping page will show up and the user will complete shipping and enter personal information to proceed with delivery.

Shopping screen

Amwaj payment screen

The user will have a variety of payment methods then after payment is done the order is place and ready for shipping.

Payment screen


Prototype Testing

We tested our prototype with 5 users. By doing this, we have a clear idea to improve the flow and make it simple for our users.

Prototype Testing insights

Final prototype:

check out our prototype video

Next step

For future plans:

In conclusion,

Some additional ideas for the future:💃🏻

After I finished the project, I created some logo ideas for Amwaj website. I know it looks pretty.😎

Of course we will add some fantastic ideas to the website, but for now here are logos for Amwaj.

Please go and show your support to my team and other colleagues…..:)

Additional logo ideas 💡



Hello, I’m Esraa Alharbi , A Digital Marketing Student at Coding Dojo. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney.

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Esraa - Alharbi

Hello, I’m Esraa Alharbi , A Digital Marketing Student at Coding Dojo. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney.