Case Study: e-commerce website Amwaj

  • After the noon popularity expands, it starts to compete famous brands like SheIn, Aliexpress, ASOS, fordeal, Savvi, Namshi, and jolly chic, and these brands are our competetiors.
  • If your order contains only express items, free shipping fees will applied hen the cart total is 200SR or above.
  • If your order includes only market items, shipping fees of 12 SAR will be applied to the market items per seller.
  • If your order includes market items and express items, shipping fees of 12 SAR will be applied to the market items per seller.
  • If your order includes bulky items, shipping fees will be applied.
Survey questions
  • Reaching out to participants and know their feelings about noon beach products and online websites.
  • Have an understanding of participants’ needs, struggles, and experiences regarding online shopping websites.
Users statements
Survey outcomes
  • 61.5 % order monthly from online shopping websites
  • 61.5 % give 6–8 out of 10 as a rate of their trust about online shipping websites
  • 46.6 % choose Apple Pay as their favorite pay method
C&C analysis
  • According to our findings, we notice most websites had a lot of products in the home page and it was stuffed with different products categories. Websites identify errors for the user, which was something noticed also.
  • However, the process to search, and look for a beach product, for example it took around 2 to 4 clicks maximum.
Affinity Map
  • Opinions about website affects their purchase decisions
  • Issues with with websites/products trust
  • Need a new method for product search
Kayla our persona
  • Low salary
  • Low hype
  • Daily offers
  • Products rate
  • Gifts category
  • Customized by price
  • Preordering
  • Provide organized beach products in one place
  • Rate product
  • Search by image
  • Chat board
  • Reschedule the purchase of products again
User flow
Site Map
Sign up/sign in screen
Amwaj home sceen
Proudects screen
Shopping screen
Payment screen
Prototype Testing insights
  • We want to expand our products and add new categories of products.
  • We want to add an AR feature to our website so users can view the product on an existing model before purchasing the product.
  • Users want organized and well labeled products to facilitate their purchase.
  • Website design affects users' judgment about online shopping websites.
  • Customer service is what users value the most.
Additional logo ideas 💡



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