Case Study: Jazan Application for tourism, the pearl of the south.


This case study was about creating a Jazan tourism application for our users in Saudi Arabia. In the beginning, we had lack of resources about Jazan from pictures to actual info about previous experience for users in Jazan, or a general knowledge about the city. However, we were able to find more info when we done the interview and surveys with our users. The amount of info and knowledge we gained from this project about Jazan was astonishing, which indecated that we need to increase awareness about marvelous city's like Jazan in Saudi Arabia.

Project Duration:

2 weeks

Tools used in this project:

We followed the double diamond design approach, which included four phases.

The Client

Jazan is known in Saudi Arabia as the pearl of the south, Jazan is a port city and the capital of the Jizan Region, which lies in the southwest corner of Saudi Arabia and directly north of the border with Yemen.


Disk research:

User research

Goal of user research:

After we knew the goal of user research, we used interviews and surveys to help us through the discovery phase.

Survey Findings

We conducted 34 surveys

Interviews Findings

We interviewed 22 users

Affinity Mapping & Analysis

Business Analysis included:

C&C Analysis

C&C insights:

-Distracting layout: noticed that traveling websites frequently put big images and use many colors which can be distracting for the eyes.

Heuristic evaluation Analysis

Heuristic evaluation insights:

For the heuristic evaluation, most websites had a lot of the information in the navigation bar. Some other websites interested in group activities offer various options. However, other websites have different categories. the errors most of the websites handled them correctly. For every website, UI reflects the city and the mood of the city.

Layout analysis

Layout analysis insights

Positioning Marketing

Leaf Diagram

Business needs & user needs


Problem statement

Here, the problem statement was from two sides: tourists and resident of Jazan.

Residents of Jazan and Saudi tourists think of Jazan as an amazing place to visit, however they face different challenges.

Jazan’s residents feel that Jazan has an ignored spot of tourism. They want to share the unique cultural aspects and places of Jazan with the rest of the world. On the other hand, Jazan’s tourist are interested in Jazan and its culture and nature but they they don’t know how to connect with Jazan’s resident to get to know Jazan more.

Our personas

User journey


Key features

After the intense research process, we came up with these feature for our app Jazan, which was the soultion for both of our personas Ali and Mohammed.


User flow

Task flow

Card sorting

We conducted 5 card sorting from our users. We discoverd that two users mixed activity with famous places. As a result of the mixing, we changed pictures of famous places, hospitality, and home page to ease for the user to use our app(Jazan). Also, we add onboarding feature for users to remove any unclearness of how to use the app.

Site Map


Sketching by using Miro tool

Annotated wireframes


Here, we changed the onboarding screens three times, due to pictures that didn’t match with the concept of the application, which was according to our users. Also, we changed the payment screen because our users didn’t like the add button and wanted a pop up screen with credit card info.

Final prototype

Future plans


It was a great project even though it was a little hard, but we managed to conclude this project with this amazing result. Two project left and soon going to reach the end of UX/UI immersive course by Misk Academy. Can’t wait to see what surprises will the next project hold for us.



Hello, I’m Esraa Alharbi , A Digital Marketing Student at Coding Dojo. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney.

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Esraa - Alharbi

Hello, I’m Esraa Alharbi , A Digital Marketing Student at Coding Dojo. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney.