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Case Study: Mawhub talent in one place

Mawhub App


This case study was about creating an app that gathers talented people in one platform and wants to share their talent with others. Also, it’s our fourth project in the UI/UX immersive course by Misk Academy, we almost reached the end of their course.

Do you ever feel like you can’t find the right community to share your talent or that most platforms only focuses on the same talents?

Or Did you feel sad when Corona happened and you could no longer go to parties and exhibitions & discover new talents? or was it your time to shine? you are not alone.

Project Duration

9 days

Project tools



In the search phase, we found some useful Twitters that related to our idea.

The Challenge

create your own product within the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia, that will solve a problem & deliver a solution through design and content strategy skills to create a compelling case study.

The client

In line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030, the General Entertainment Authority was established to organize and develop the entertainment sector in the Kingdom and provide recreational options and opportunities for all segments of society in all regions of the Kingdom, to enrich life and draw joy. And to stimulate the role of the

private sector in building and developing leisure activities.

Desk research:

we started our research by putting a plan to help us stay on track, & we followed the double diamond method.

user research goal:

  • understand users orientation from their talents perspective.
  • How they are interested in GEA events or events in general.
  • Understand users’ behavior and how they share their talent with others .

Desk research overview:

  • Users reviews showed that they want to present their talents to GEA.
  • Users interested in attending events that are similar to their talents.
  • After COVID19 happened everything stopped specilay in the entertainment industry, it only started again in the end of 2020 and early 2021.
  • Discover the problems that users encountered during the interruption of entertainment due to Corona

users interviews:


Need support : users need community and family support to present their talent.

Talent enhancement: users use YouTube channels, Snapchat, and Instagram to develop their talent.


  • prefer app to present their talent: most users prefer to use apps than using websites to present their talent to others.
  • Share talent with others: half of users prefer to share their talent with others due to the reason of want to share knowledge with other.
  • Corona effect user talent: users talent ents enhance after corona and majority of our users will continue to practice their talents.


Layout Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation:

Leaf Diagram:

in these features we decided to look for top apps out there (based on articles) that deliver these features in the best way.

  • Live stream video: Live stream to any audience, it easy to stream your virtual events, executive communications, trainings, and everything in between.
  • talent Showcase: a Portfolio, user can show his talent through his work easily video, audio & photos.
  • contact information: clear user contact info that can be seen by other users.
  • learning: share and teach different skills, & learn new skills from your following users.
  • reviews: provide you with valuable information & support.
  • book: book your favorite talent for business opportunities.
  • market positioning:
  • High support: The app supports more than one talent.
  • Low support: The app doesn’t support a lot of talent.
  • Learnability: The app is clear and easy to use.
  • Difficult to learn: The app is not clear and not easy to use.

C&C outcome

Affinity Mapping

affinity map insights:

  • They use YouTube as a tool to help enhance their talent.
  • As a positive side of COVID-19, it helped the users to discover new talent and enhance it.
  • Users want one platform to collect all talent , which I’ll facilitate stakeholders to find in this platform.
  • Users like to share and teach their talent to others.
  • users need support from the community.

problem statement:

“our talented users has the problem of not being recognized and not finding a community that specified in gathering all talent in one place.Our solution is to provide a way to discover talents and communicate with this talent.



key Features

  • sign up/in with phone number
  • talent profile & contact information
  • livestream video (lessons, announcements)
  • shareable on social media.
  • (add to favourites, reviews,like)
  • Advanced
  • Book
  • add video
  • add music
  • add photo

Business needs & user needs


user Flow & Task flow

Card sorting


Usability testing

First usability test

In the first batch, we tested users on how they use the app and they gave us feedback about the app.

  • In the talents page, the user said the color of the font blended with the background picture and it was hard to notice the text.
  • General comment about the app, there was no on boarding to introduce the app features.
  • In the home page,users didn’t know there was a live stream; it was unnoticeable.
  • In the payment page, there was no Mada pay option.
  • In the live stream page, users said it should be changed to the talents page.
  • Users have struggled to identify the app goal.
  • In the talent profile page, the user suggested changing (my streams) to (my gallery).

Second usability test

Based on first users’ batch feedbacks, we fixed the problems that were there.

  • In the talent page, we add a small text box to represent the font color.
  • General comment about the app, we added onboarding pages for users.
  • In the home page, we add highlighted the live live stream icon to represent it’s a live video.
  • In the payment page, we added the Mada payment option.
  • In the talent profile page, we changed my streaks to my gallery.

Our users gave us future features to add.

  • Dark mode
  • Add Arabic language

Annotated wireframes

user journey

Design system


Final Prototype

Next Steps

  • adding more features like Dark mood
  • make arabic version.


In the end it was a fun & interesting challenge. Hopefully, we solved an issue and provide a solution that helps the user & client.



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