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Esraa - Alharbi
5 min readMay 29, 2021

Hello everyone. This week, I want to share my case study, which I had worked on for the past week. This case study was about creating a digital app for our target users to solve the problem of not sharing their new skills. Moreover, This is a group project for the UX/UI immersive course at Misk Academy. Our tasks include user research, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping.


Desk research

we started with knowing about the cure problem that prevents learners from sharing and learning new skills with their peers. It was not easy to identify the issue, which led to this behavior. So, we found these problems that prevented learners from not sharing their new learned skills.

Problems include lack of motivation, self-limiting beliefs, fear of failure, negative previous experience, keeping at it when things get tough, no support, no time, lack of technical savvy, lack of program relevance, think knowledge is power, there is no positive consequence to them for doing it, procrastinating habits, and imbalance work-life activities and less prioritizing.

In the research journey, we realized that most of our problems range into three parts social, psychological, and environmental. As problematic mentioned above, We found external and internal issues, which led learners to stop sharing their knowledge with others.

As we were once learners, some of the problems are close to our reality that you can tell is still existed like negative people or no

social support in your environment.

User research

our main concern was to know users problems of not sharing and learning a new skill, so we started with asking the research questions:

1- describe you daily routine ?

2- name your favorite application and explain why ?

3- what is the first place to go when want to gain new skills ?

4- what the effective way you use to gain a new skill ?

5- What do you expect to find from listening to online podcast?

6- tell us about your self , age , and education ?

7- what do you prefer to do in your spare time ?

8- what’s inspires you to do more in your life ?

9- how to recharge your self ?

10-what are your ways to increase your productivity and creativity ?

11- What are the reasons that may push you not to share your interests with others?

As was mentioned before, our goal is to get information about users, their learning obstacles, what motivates them for learning, and provide a suitable solution for misers to be motivated for sharing and learning a new skill.

It was easy for us to create interview questions since the interview goal was crystal clear for us, and we were able to interview 9 people.

Business Needs:

  • Attract people with low motivation for sharing and learning a new skill.
  • Create one community in which similar people can share the same interest in one app.

User Needs:

  • Look for a specific field.
  • View lessons.
  • Join a community.

Affinity Map insights:

  • They have difficulty finding the time to learn.
  • They have difficulty finding people who share their interest.
  • They have difficulty providing places to learn.

Problem statement :

The people who want to learn new skills feel frustrated because there’s no easy clear way to learn, they get lost trying to learn especially with the huge number of the resources and information online. Also, there’s no motivation that encourages them to keep Learning .

Application concept:

Find what you want to learn in one place! Tired of not finding support from the environment you live in, or you want someone to share a similar skill with Other people. Our app share in will make sure to provide the encouraging community you are looking for. “Share in”where you can be who you are.

Share in application logo

Final features

After doing research, interviews, and affinity map, it was clear to us the main key features:

  • Look for specific field.
  • View lessons.
  • Join community.
Key Features


User flow

We created a user flow

User flow

Task flow

We created user task flow

Task flow


wireframe 1:

The user will appear to him splash screen, then he/ she will sign up or sign in, and they will appear to them home page, in which the user can see the classes details and can select the category he/she likes. After that, a welcoming view feed for the newer user, and will view community in the app.

Wireframe 1

Wireframe 2:

The user will have the chance to see trending details then he/she can view the class profile, lessons, project, and discussion.

Wireframe 2


Prototype testing


In this step, we tested our prototype with 3 users , and we went back and forth on reading about and trying to find a local trainer user flow. With the feedback, we were able to see a better way to improve the flow with simple steps, conformation, and more information.

  • We did a test on 3 users , multiple times.
  • We change our wireframe 2 times.
  • Our plain points was how to learn new skills with the easiest and efficient way.

Key insights:

  • User was confused about home button.
  • User liked the idea in general.

Final Prototype

Next step

For the following next step we want to:

  • We want to evolve the user experience while using our app.
  • We want to include solutions and expands the use of the app locally and world Wide.
  • We want to include lessons from foreign coach’s.
  • We want to include live seeions from skills in the app.


In the end, we found that:

  • Sharing and learning a new skills is effectd by psychological, social, and environmental reasons.
  • Everyone have their unique style of learning.



Esraa - Alharbi

Well, it’s Esraa Alharbi , I’m a content creator now😎👉🏻. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney.